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June 2014 Archives

Wisconsin Adopts the Daubert Standard Regarding Expert Witnesses

Expert witness testimony - whether from a physician, engineer or other educated expert - almost always plays a key role in personal injury litigation. In fact, it is absolutely essential in malpractice cases. Such testimony is usually admitted at trial without incident. However, in some cases involving less mainstream scientific evidence, whether such testimony is admitted or excluded can ultimately decide the case.


Without any intent to disparage the medical profession - which is still dominated by competent, dedicated and caring professionals - the frequency of medical mistakes and negligence in the United States is both surprising and frightening. Examining the statistics regarding medical malpractice and accompanying legal action can help victims better understand that they are not alone and that there is hope for a just and favorable result. 


Coming to the realization that you or someone you love may have suffered unnecessarily due to medical mistakes or negligence is a jarring experience. We have come to put so much trust in medical professionals that the idea that they make mistakes can be somewhat difficult to comprehend. Although it is important to remember that a bad or unexpected result to a medical procedure is not always indicative of malpractice, it is crucial to act carefully to preserve your rights when the unexpected does occur. 


Are you getting ready to see an attorney for the first time to discuss your injury? You may be uncertain what to expect during that initial consultation and unsure what you should bring. An initial consultation typically involves a conversation between you and your potential attorney, during which you discuss what happened to you, the known extent of your injuries, who you believe is responsible and the outcome you expect from your lawsuit. Besides the interview, you should bring whatever you can to establish that you have a case and to assist your attorney in building a formidable case. 

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Attorney Jeffrey Goldberg commissioned this sculpture of the scales of justice to serve as a visual reminder of the firm's reason for being: to make sure that people who have been injured by the negligence of others are fairly represented and that they receive just compensation for their losses.

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