A Legal Team That Understands The Complexity Of Aviation Accidents

Although the skies over the United States have generally become a much safer place to be in recent decades, each time a new photograph of scattered plane crash debris appears in our morning paper, the grim realities of air travel can sometimes fall sharply back into focus.

At Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, our lawyers represent plane crash victims and their immediate family members throughout the United States. We have extensive experience with aviation-related litigation and a thorough understanding of the complex issues involved in these deadly accidents.

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Our firm and its lawyers are uniquely qualified to represent plane crash victims effectively in negotiations with airline carriers and their insurers. Our firm's founding attorney, Jeffrey Goldberg, is also a licensed pilot with extensive knowledge of large passenger jets, small planes, private charters and other aircraft.

If discussions fail to produce an acceptable settlement offer for our client, our attorneys are skilled and aggressive litigators who can take your claim to trial.

Prepared To Take Swift Action In Your Case

If a member of your family was recently involved in a plane crash, we immediately will begin to investigate the airplane accident. Our lawyers also consult with the state and federal authorities that conduct official investigations and identify every potentially responsible party to help you receive full and fair compensation.

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