Did Your Infant Have Broken Bones After Delivery?

Some infants are born with broken bones. Others may be prone to fractures during infancy, childhood or even adulthood. Cases of children suffering from multiple broken bones may be attributed to an undiagnosed metabolic disorder or vitamin deficiency.

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Bone fractures during childbirth are not uncommon birth injuries. For example, infants who need to be delivered rapidly because of hypoxia or other signs of fetal distress may suffer a broken collarbone. This is usually a minor problem and a small consequence of averting a much larger problem.

Parents should be notified of a broken bone to be sure it is cared for and heals properly. In some cases, the broken bone can be severe and may lead to an infant's death.

What Caused Your Infant's Bone Fractures Or Breaks?

Causes of broken bones during maternity, delivery, infancy and childhood include:

  • Accidents: These usually tend to occur when older infants can move more than their parents think they can. They could also be a result of car accidents, playground accidents and other incidents. Infants need to be carefully monitored and placed in a safe environment at all times. Accidents can happen to children with the best intentioned parents, but medical care should be sought immediately.
  • Birth trauma: The force of delivery can be enough to cause bone fractures. This may be particularly true in the case of an emergency delivery. These fractures must be detected and reported so the infant can be properly treated and monitored.
  • Metabolic disorders: Fragile bone syndrome is a disorder that can cause bone fractures in infants and children. It can be difficult to detect, and sometimes parents are incorrectly blamed for injuries.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies: Infants and children may lack proper nutrition during pregnancy or after birth. In some cases, they may not be able to absorb vitamins and minerals for proper bone growth because of a disorder. Any infant or child with unexplained bone fractures should be tested for deficiencies and underlying causes.

Getting An Explanation For What Happened

Bone fractures may or may not be a sign of a major problem for infants and children. Active children may suffer a broken bone at one point or another as a normal part of growing up. The bones of a healthy infant or child should be able to heal quickly.

Unexplained bone fractures can pose a serious problem. If your child or infant has any unexplained broken bones, you need to find medical reasons for the causes of these fractures to pursue treatment options properly and prevent further injuries and pain. Unexplained bone fractures can even lead to suspicion that your actions, rather than improper medical care or an undiagnosed malady, led to these injuries.

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