C-Section Mistakes And Other Errors During Delivery

Cesarean sections (C-sections) are one of the most common operations in the United States today. In fact, it is estimated that about 20 percent of all childbirths in this country are handled this way — a percentage expected to rise in the coming decades for a variety of reasons.

What is important to recognize is that while C-sections may be common and ultimately necessary to preserve the health of both mother and child, a C-section is also an operation and by extension, an inherently dangerous procedure.

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Was There A C-Section Error In Your Case?

There are basically two types of medical negligence claims that involve C-section errors: 1) those where a C-section should have been performed and wasn't or was performed too late, and 2) those where a C-section operation was performed but mishandled.

In the first type of C-section error claim, health care professionals miss or ignore symptoms of fetal distress, possible uterine rupture, pre-eclampsia or other factors that would indicate a C-section is the most prudent course of action — resulting in serious brain damage or even death.

In the second scenario, mothers and newborn babies may suffer lifetime or fatal complications from injuries such as lacerated bowels, damaged internal organs, blood clots, nerve damage or the development of lung or heart problems because of the operation.

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