Understanding Cerebral Palsy And Its Connection To Medical Malpractice

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a muscle control disorder. It can happen when part of a baby's brain is damaged before, during or shortly following birth. It often occurs because not enough oxygen reaches the brain of the fetus or infant. Our lawyers at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices understand that children with this condition require a lifetime of extra medical care and attention.

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Patients with cerebral palsy have difficulty controlling their movements. They can also suffer visual, auditory and speech difficulties and learning disabilities. The condition limits motor skill development. Seizures can also occur.

What Can You Expect For The Future?

The prognosis for cerebral palsy can be tough.

  • Cerebral palsy does not always cause total disability. The severity of this disease varies by individual.
  • Some children with cerebral palsy may not be able to walk and require lifelong care.
  • Therapy, medication and surgery can help many people regain function, but the treatment is expensive.

What Services Are Needed For Your Child To Function Better?

Our Illinois and Wisconsin clients who have cerebral palsy face a permanent impairment that requires long-term care. Some children with this condition enjoy productive and happy lives. However, many children need lifelong medical treatment, therapy, tutoring and more. This extra care puts a substantial strain on a family's energy and budget. It can also limit the opportunities open to the victim of this disease in adulthood.

Moreover, whenever our Illinois or Wisconsin attorneys pursue spastic cerebral palsy litigation through a birth injury lawsuit, the defense lawyers almost always assert that no one knows what causes some babies to be born with cerebral palsy and not others. In truth, medical negligence may be the cause of this condition in 10 percent of cerebral palsy cases.

Finding Answers Through Medical Records

A doctor may not recognize problems that can occur during labor and may fail to quickly and appropriately respond once a problem is identified. The bottom line is this: A doctor's negligent actions that lead to a brain injury and cause cerebral palsy is indicative of medical malpractice, and you may be legally entitled to compensation for these injuries.

With decades of experience and a knowledgeable legal nurse consultant on our staff, we are able to identify when cerebral palsy is caused by medical malpractice and help our clients obtain full compensation in cerebral palsy cases.

Results From Our Illinois And Wisconsin Medical And Legal Team

The cerebral palsy attorneys at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices help victims and their families receive the much-needed compensation they deserve. In fact, our legal team obtained a structured settlement worth nearly $33 million for a client who gave birth to a brain-damaged baby as a result of her obstetrician's failure to monitor the labor properly.

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