More About Birth Injuries

Even doctors who provide the most skilled medical attention and diagnostic expertise from early in the pregnancy through delivery cannot ensure the health of every newborn infant. However the law requires all medical practitioners to follow a certain standard of care to eliminate common and harmful errors. The terms medical negligence or medical malpractice refer to situations when failure to practice this standard of care results in birth injury.

Proving that medical negligence caused injury during childbirth requires clinical and objective attention to detail during a time when parents must focus on helping their newborn infant. During this emotionally charged time, our Chicago and Milwaukee birth injury lawyers provide compassionate support to families as we conduct a thorough investigation to identify what happened to cause injury to the baby.

Our Illinois And Wisconsin Birth Injuries Attorneys Help Identify The Causes Of Justified Legal Claims

The true causes of a birth injury can occur at any time during a pregnancy or the delivery. Some common causes are as follows:

  • Damage caused by forceps or vacuum devices: Infants can suffer injury when doctors do not exercise reasonable care using devices to assist infants out of the birth canal.
  • Improper delivery methods: Doctors can cause injury to large or improperly positioned babies by proceeding with a traditional vaginal birth process instead of recognizing the need for a C-section.
  • Diagnostic failure: Certain medical conditions during pregnancy can point to potential problems during delivery or a need for special prenatal care to protect the infant. When doctors fail to identify and treat these conditions Illinois and Wisconsin infants may suffer unnecessary birth trauma.

Our Chicago and Milwaukee birth injury attorneys combine our in-house medical knowledge with the skills of medical specialists to examine all records and identify all causes of birth trauma. This provides essential information toward developing an effective case.

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