Complications Affecting Both Mother And Child

Pre-eclampsia is a fairly common pregnancy complication developing as early as 20 weeks or as late as six weeks postpartum. It occurs in about 5 to 10 percent of all pregnancies and is characterized by the primary symptoms of high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine, and by other symptoms such as swelling, sudden weight gain, headaches, changes in vision or complaints of heartburn.

What If Your Doctor Did Not See Warning Signs?

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The Consequences Of Failure To Diagnose

Unfortunately, many pre-eclampsia sufferers exhibit no outward signs or symptoms. They must rely solely on their health care providers' good judgment and care to test for the presence of this condition and to follow up on any potential symptoms or unusual test results.

When pre-eclampsia and related conditions such as pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) and toxemia are not diagnosed or properly treated, serious harm may result: kidney and liver damage, cerebral hemorrhaging or placental abruption.

HELLP Syndrome

When pre-eclampsia is allowed to go unchecked, more serious and potentially deadly conditions such as full-blown eclampsia or HELLP syndrome may develop. Eclampsia causes seizures in the mother and is life-threatening to both mother and baby. HELLP syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, malaise, nausea or vomiting, upper abdomen pain and "tingling" sensations in the extremities. HELLP syndrome can cause life-threatening bleeding, liver problems and blood pressure problems to the mother that put both mother and baby at risk.

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