Why You Need To Take Immediate Action In Birth Injury Cases

Most parents are understandably upset after a newborn child suffers birth trauma at delivery, resulting in injuries, illnesses or traumatic brain injuries. As a result they often do not want to think about talking to a lawyer, at least until the initial shock and pain has subsided. While this is a totally understandable emotion, the reality is that there is a lot less a lawyer can do for those parents who wait too long to call.

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Why Is Immediate Action Important?

The primary reason for taking immediate action as soon as you see symptoms that could indicate cerebral palsy or some other type of birth injury involves the key elements of your case:

  • Physical evidence: Bringing in proper evidence of malpractice or negligence is essential for any successful childbirth injury claim. However, lengthy delays can result in the loss of critical evidence needed to build a strong case.
  • Witness recollection: The reality is that everyone's memory of any event will deteriorate with the passing of time. Especially for the medical professionals who handle so many births and other medical scenarios in the course of a day's work, it will become likely that they will forget the key details we need.
  • Statute of limitations: Every state has different time limits, but it is important to know that if you delay too long before bringing a claim, the statute of limitations could run and you could lose your legal right to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Medical Knowledge To Back Your Claim

In addition to our experienced lawyers, we have an exceptional legal nurse consultant on our staff, Margaret Oberts. Even if you are not sure you have a claim, you should contact us right away so we can evaluate your case, and help you understand your legal rights and options.

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