Traumatic Brain Injuries That Happen At Birth

A traumatic brain injury (also known as TBI) is one of the most serious, life-changing injuries a human being can suffer — and they can happen to anyone. Tragic examples include pedestrians and bicyclists injured by careless drivers, children who've fallen on commercial premises, and victims of automobile accidents.

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Did Your Newborn Experience A Brain Injury?

All too often the birth process or improper prenatal care results in brain injuries to newborns. Some examples of serious conditions include the following:

  • Neonatal seizure: Many infants experience seizures in the early days of their lives. Such seizures can indicate the potential for cognitive and developmental dysfunction. Our experienced attorneys in Illinois and Wisconsin can help determine if seizures resulted from improper medical care or if improper diagnosis of the causes of seizure leads to injury to the child.
  • Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE): This neurologic injury involves damage to the brain due to asphyxiation. The condition can appear to resolve itself, only to display adverse outcomes at one and four years after the initial injury. Our attorneys in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, use highly specialized medical resources to help develop effective cases in these complex situations.
  • Microcephaly: A head too small typically indicates this condition. In many cases, this is an unavoidable genetic disorder, but doctors can diagnose infections and other predictive conditions during pregnancy. If you suspect that might be the case for your child, contact our medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago, Illinois, or Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Injuries during delivery: The use of forceps and vacuum extraction often represent vital techniques to aid infants out of the birth canal. However, errors in the use of these instruments can result in brain or other injury to infants. Our attorneys in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have extensive experience helping families pursue the compensation they need to address these injuries.

We Know The Law And We Understand Medicine

Although we take great pride in keeping our legal knowledge and skills as sharp as can be, our attorneys are equally committed to knowing and understanding the medical aspects of traumatic brain injury cases.

To do that, our firm has invested enough resources to acquire a full medical library and employs a registered nurse to assist us in evaluating cases. Our thorough medical malpractice trial preparation includes exhaustive review of medical records and consultations with authoritative medical experts.

To learn more about traumatic brain injury cases and the law — be sure to read the brief articles contained in our brain injury information center.

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