Obstetrical Complications And Uterine Ruptures

When a woman has an abnormally positioned fetus, has had numerous full-term pregnancies in the past, attempts a vaginal birth after cesarean deliveries (VBACs) or is given Pitocin or other labor-inducing medications, she can be at an increased risk for uterine rupture.

At Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, we understand the devastating physical, emotional and financial effects that accompany these cases of uterine rupture. We also understand how to investigate and clearly establish medical negligence by the health care professionals taking part in those tragic events.

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Did Your Doctors Miss The Warning Signs?

There are often no warning signs of uterine ruptures that occur during the late stages of pregnancy. During childbirth, however; warning signs may become apparent and require an emergency C-section. Such signs include severe localized pain, fetal heart rate abnormalities, vaginal bleeding or signs that the baby has "receded" back up the birth canal from a lower position.

Fortunately, many uterine ruptures turn out to be "mild" and result in no serious harm. But complications such as brain damage to the baby and fatal injuries to the mother, baby or both can and do occur.

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