Understand Your Rights After The Wrongful Death Of An Infant Or Fetus

Wrongful death is a type of civil accusation that may be pursued in the courts. It generally applies to the death of a person caused by the actions or negligence of another. Wrongful death can be claimed if medical negligence or a purposeful action caused the death of an infant. These can be actions taken during pregnancy, during delivery or after birth. In some cases, it may coincide with the wrongful death of the mother.

The death of any baby during pregnancy or right afterward can be traumatic for the entire family. Beyond the emotional toll, the circumstances pertaining to death also generate enormous medical bills. If the death is judged to be an infant wrongful death, the law entitles parents to compensation.

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What Causes An Infant's Wrongful Death?

There are always some risks during a typical pregnancy and delivery. Both doctors and nurses need to be trained to recognize these signs of birth injury and fetal distress and rapidly act on them. Failure to recognize these signs and intervene can result in permanent damages or even death.

  • Oxygen deprivation: Oxygen deprivation in the womb can cause brain damage or even death. This may be referred to as hypoxia.
  • Reduced blood flow: Blood has to flow so it can carry oxygen and other nutrients to an infant's brain and other organ systems. Too little blood can cause the fetus's organs to shut down.
  • Delivery trauma: This is a particular risk during a rapid delivery that has been performed because of fetal distress. For example, an inexperienced or overzealous obstetrician could cause trauma resulting in a serious injury or even death when using a forceps or a vacuum extractor.
  • Bleeding during pregnancy: There are a few different reasons the mother may begin to hemorrhage before and during delivery. This can be serious for both the mother and infant, and an obstetrician needs to make the right decisions about treatment and delivery.
  • Injury to the mother: In some cases, the infant's death could be caused by an injury to the mother before birth. For example, the mother may have a condition related to an auto accident caused by a negligent or drunk driver.

Parents Are Entitled To The Truth About An Infant's Wrongful Death

The parents of a deceased infant are entitled to the truth. They are also legally entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering because of this traumatic event. A consultation with our Wisconsin and Illinois wrongful death attorneys at the law offices of Jeffrey M. Goldberg can uncover the truth and get justice served.

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