When Profit Motives Outweigh Safety Concerns In Consumer Products

Products defects are responsible for thousands of serious injuries and deaths in the United States each year. These defects happen due to negligent design, manufacturing errors, inadequate testing and inadequate warnings or safety instructions.

At Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, we aim to balance the scales of justice in products defect cases. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating these complex cases. We routinely work with professional engineers, accident reconstructionists and biomechanical experts to make certain our clients benefit to the fullest extent of the law.

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Holding The Proper Parties Accountable For Your Injuries

Many products defects are the result of product management decisions — ones that cut corners or ignore potential safety issues purely for the sake of more profit. At the same time, products manufacturers and insurance companies spend a significant amount of time and money each year trying to change the laws and make it more difficult for victims to recover fair compensation.

Work With A Firm That Has A Record Of Proven Results

Our firm won a verdict of $11 million for a man who was severely injured when a faulty tire on the truck he was driving exploded and caused him to hit a concrete wall. We are proud of our outstanding case results because it means we made a difference in someone's life.

What Type Of Defective Product Injured You?

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes, and may be found anywhere — in the home, at work, on roadways and in the air. Examples include:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Ladders
  • Industrial machines
  • Motor vehicles and their components
  • Airplanes
  • Power tools
  • Home appliances

Important: Preserve Evidence Of Your Products Defect

Please be sure to preserve the product in the same condition it was in when the accident occurred, or contact our lawyers for immediate assistance with this critical step. Your ability to prove a products or workplace injury claim and obtain compensation may depend on it.

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