An Overview Of Medical Malpractice

Few areas of personal injury law involve as many complex issues as medical malpractice. Just as medicine cannot provide guaranteed cures for every condition, trying to establish fair rules involves making continuous changes to the law. Legislators must try to balance issues of health care availability with the issues of individuals and families who may suffer severe hardship when the laws do not adequately protect them.

At Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, we have been helping clients with medical malpractice claims for more than 40 years. We are dedicated to helping injury victims build toward the best possible future after suffering from medical negligence.

Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Stay On Top Of Changing Laws

Each medical malpractice attorney at our law firm in Milwaukee devotes significant time monitoring ever-changing Wisconsin law, to help ensure we develop effective cases and pursue full compensation from all negligent parties.

The 2005 Wisconsin Act 183 established some of the current laws in effect today, including the following:

  • Limits on noneconomic damages: The law established a higher limit on damages, including (but not limited to) pain and suffering, loss of society and companionship, and the loss of the enjoyment of normal activities and pleasures of life caused by medical malpractice in Milwaukee and throughout the state. A $750,000 limit is presently in effect for noneconomic damages.
  • Limits on economic damages: The law currently imposes no limitation on how much compensation injury victims can pursue. However, a history of state laws reveals numerous changes through the years, including limits ranging from $350,000 to just more than $1,000,000. Some people argue that establishing limits helps keep medical costs lower and ensures patients have access to affordable health care. At our Milwaukee medical malpractice law firm, we have the experience to recognize that every case is unique. We understand the importance of ensuring our clients do not face extensive out-of-pocket costs as a result of arbitrary caps placed on damages.
  • Establishment of a special compensation fund: In addition to requiring health care providers to carry specific levels of malpractice liability insurance, the law requires them to pay into the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund, established by the state to pay damage awards in excess of insurance policy limits.
  • Allowances for mediation: The law requires individuals who suffer perceived injury as a result of medical malpractice to attempt resolution through mediation before pursuing malpractice litigation in Milwaukee or anywhere in the state.

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