What Happens If Your Injury Was Caused By Improper Treatment?

Getting the wrong medical treatment for a medical condition or injury can lead to even more severe health problems. In some cases, it can even cause permanent disabilities or death. If you sought treatment, but were given no medical assistance or the wrong assistance, our legal team at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices wants to help you.

You deserve compensation for your pain and increased medical costs because proper treatment was delayed. The lawyers at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices have helped injury victims find answers since 1975. Contact us today to put experience on your side.

What Was The Cause Of Your Improper Medical Treatment?

In some cases, lack of correct medical treatments can stem from the wrong diagnosis. In others, it may stem from simple negligence. In any case, it can be a type of medical malpractice with legal remedies.

Ordering and reading the wrong tests, misinterpreting symptoms and simple human errors can cause mistreatments or the lack of any treatment. Some medical situations are quite urgent, and the lack of proper treatment can make a health condition worse or cause harmful side effects. Consider some documented examples of patients not getting the treatment they required:

  • Ordering the wrong tests: One study reported that many patients were told he or she was HIV negative because the doctor had ordered the wrong test. This is because two different HIV viruses have very similar names. This delays the patients' proper and urgently needed treatment.
  • Misdiagnosing mental disorders: The failure to treat mental disorders adequately can happen because some symptoms are similar and psychiatrists miss differentiating symptoms. For example, schizophrenia can be wrongly diagnosed as depression. The wrong medications and therapy can lead to even more severe problems.
  • Misdiagnosing by outpatient facilities: The National Institute of Medicine states that misdiagnosis is the most common cause of medical errors in outpatient facilities. The wrong diagnosis means incorrect treatments.

Some diseases are difficult to diagnose because they are very rare or symptoms mimic other diseases. There are limits to resources and medical science. Not every case of delayed medical treatment constitutes malpractice. However far too many stem from errors in the system, doctors' judgments or simple human error. In these cases, the victims of medical errors are legally entitled to compensation.

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