Misdiagnosis As A Cause Of Serious Injury And Illness

Getting treated for the wrong disease could cause harmful side effects. Not having some conditions treated in time can make matters much worse. It can lead to adverse health outcomes or even unnecessary deaths.

Getting no diagnosis or the wrong diagnosis is a problem that we, the attorneys at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, see far too often. Our legal staff has the experience and resources to help you find a legal remedy for your health problem. Contact us for experienced counsel.

Get The Facts About Misdiagnosis

The Mayo Clinic contributed to a misdiagnosis report published in The American Journal of Medicine. This study concluded that millions of people are misdiagnosed each year in developed countries. Wrongly diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions can lead to needless suffering and even death. The Mayo Clinic reported that as many as a quarter of medical cases may be misdiagnosed:

  • The Journal of Clinical Oncology says that up to 44 percent of some types of cancer may be wrongly diagnosed.
  • Up to one-third of the $2.7 trillion spent on health care each year in the United States is wasted on misdiagnosis.

Why Are Wrong Medical Diagnoses So Common?

Some of the problem can be attributed to a fragmented medical system or simple human errors. Data from tests performed at one facility may not be accurately conveyed to doctors at another facility. Some problems lie with overconfident doctors who make up their minds about a patient's condition without gathering enough supporting evidence or running adequate tests. In any case, a wrong or missing diagnosis leads to the failure to treat a serious condition.

How Were You Injured?

In some cases, a missed or wrong diagnosis can be a type of medical malpractice. If so, victims do have legal protection against the losses and suffering they must endure. This could include extra and unnecessary suffering or the escalation of a serious medical condition because the right treatments were delayed.

In some cases, people even die because of a wrong or missed diagnosis of some severe illness. In any case, medical bills are likely to be higher and recovery time longer and families may lack support if they lose the income of a breadwinner.

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