Getting Answers And Getting Results After Pediatric Negligence

As difficult and dangerous as the birth process can be, being safely born is no guarantee of continued good health. In fact, hundreds of babies each year suffer serious, permanent and needless harm after they have been born safely.

What causes that harm? In many cases, it's negligence — negligence committed by pediatricians, nurses, surgeons or other hospital staff.

At Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices, we represent families throughout the United States who have been harmed by pediatric negligence or by surgical mistakes involving newborns.

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How Does Pediatric Negligence Happen?

Some conditions are fairly common in newborns such as in cases of jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia. In some cases, these may just be temporary conditions that correct themselves. In others, medical intervention may be required.

However, when postpartum monitoring is lax or when signs that the baby isn't thriving aren't recognized and addressed, conditions like jaundice can lead to permanent brain damage if untreated.

Sometimes, newborn children require surgical care. Pediatric surgery requires highly skilled surgical teams. Surgery performed on newborns or young infants is another cause of pediatric negligence claims.

A Legal Team To Help You And Your Child

Attorneys at our firm have developed an extensive knowledge of the medical issues and standards of care relevant to pediatric negligence and surgery claims, and they have a proven record of results in previous cases.

Seeking Justice And Compensation For Your Injuries

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