Taking Action After Surgical Errors Caused Injury

Many surgical errors could have been prevented. If your health got worse because of a surgical mistake, you deserve compensation for extra treatment, time lost from your job, inconvenience and additional suffering.

Our experienced lawyers at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices want to be sure that all victims of these preventable errors in surgery are compensated for their pain and trouble.

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How Common Are Surgical Errors?

A Johns Hopkins surgical error study covering the decade between 1990 and 2010 reported that leaving foreign objects inside a patient, performing the wrong procedure, operating on the wrong patient and similar incidents are not uncommon in the United States. This study concluded that there needs to be a better system in place to prevent these errors:

  • The study estimated that a foreign object is left inside a patient almost 40 times per week in the United States.
  • The study estimated that the wrong procedure is performed on a patient in the United States 20 times per week.
  • The study estimated that the wrong person is operated on in the country 20 times per week.
  • The study concluded that better systems need to be put in place to prevent surgical mistakes from happening in the future.

You Deserve Compensation For Errors In Surgery

Some problems with surgeries, such as infections, are likely unavoidable, even when the surgical staff is careful. However other mistakes may be the result of:

  • Lack of experience and technical competence
  • Poor error-prevention systems
  • Human errors

The consequences could range from inconvenience to lifelong health problems. Your final medical bill could be much higher than it would have been without the errors. Worse yet, you may not have had your original complaint treated.

Medical And Long-Term Care Expenses Can Be Devastating

The lawyers at Jeffrey M. Goldberg Law Offices help you balance the scales of justice and get justly compensated for your injuries resulting from hospital or emergency room errors. This type of medical malpractice is all too common in the United States. Victims should know that they can seek legal remedies for the pain, suffering and loss of wages they experienced because of these preventable mistakes.

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