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Understanding vacuum extraction birthing

Almost every family expecting a baby has their ideal of a perfect birth. No one imagines that perfect birth involving a doctor extracting the baby from the mother with vacuum technology.

Although vacuum extraction has become a common method for certain roadblocks in the birthing process, and the method is not without merit, it creates a degree of fear for expecting parents. Some of these fears are certainly warranted. It is critical to understand the technology, its benefits and its risks, so you can make smart decisions at birth and have the information you need in case the mother or child suffers serious birthing injuries as a result of vacuum extraction.

What Is Vacuum Extraction?

As the name implies, vacuum extraction occurs when the doctor uses a vacuum device to bring the baby through the birth canal, hopefully to safe delivery. Although the name can conjure images of a domestic vacuum cleaner, it is actually a rubber cone-like pump that the doctor uses to bring the baby into the world.

What Are the Benefits?

It is common for a child to get caught up in the birth canal and to require extra assistance. Similar to forceps, vacuum extraction is another method of bringing a child through the birth canal if the child is stuck. Vacuum technology is a less invasive method of helping the child through the birth canal than cesarean delivery or forceps.

What Are the Risks?

Even with these benefits listed above, vacuum extraction has its share of risks. Improper use of this method can lead to a number of serious consequences, including cerebral palsy, brain damage or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.

If your child is showing any alarming signs after birth with vacuum extraction, talk with an attorney immediately. A skilled legal team can look over the evidence and help you determine whether your child's issues were caused by vacuum extraction error or other forms of medical malpractice.

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