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Did vacuum extraction or forceps delivery harm your baby?

After learning of your pregnancy, you may have felt a variety of emotions. They likely ranged from overjoyed to anxious as having a baby can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. While you likely did all that you could during the months leading up to your child's birth to ensure his or her health, you may still have had worries about the delivery itself.

Unfortunately, birth injuries do happen. The reasons behind these injuries may vary, but in some instances, negligence on the part of the doctor or other medical staff could easily result in your baby suffering trauma. If your baby suffered serious injuries at the time of birth, you may wonder whether tools used during delivery may have contributed to or directly caused the injuries.

Vacuum and forceps

Two common methods used as delivery assistance when a woman experiences a stalled labor include vacuum extraction and forceps delivery. Both of these tools could potentially help move the delivery along and ensure your child's safe passage into the world, but they could also result in your child suffering injuries if used incorrectly or unnecessarily.

As the name suggests, a vacuum extraction utilizes a vacuum-type suction to help move your baby through the birth canal. The suction cup is placed on the baby's head, and the delivery doctor can use it to pull the baby through the canal as the mother pushes.

When it comes to forceps delivery, a doctor may use a tool that resembles a pair of spoons or tongs to hold onto the baby's head. Similarly to vacuum extraction, the doctor will then use the tool to pull the baby as the mother pushes.

Possible injuries

In many cases, these tools can be used without negative incident. However, they can cause some injuries that range from relatively minor to severe. Minor injuries include bruising of the head or retinal hemorrhage. These issues may cause you great concern, but they generally go away in a few days.

Unfortunately, serious trauma could also result. Bleeding in the skull, skull fractures, broken collarbones and nerve damage are some issues that could take place. In particular, bleeding and skull fractures could also cause brain damage that may have lasting, if not permanent, impacts.

If your child has suffered serious birth injuries due to the use of one of these tools, you may wish to consider seeking compensation. Filing medical malpractice claims against the parties considered responsible for the injuries may help you with this endeavor.

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